Dragons and Mythical Beasts

Dragons and Mythical Beasts

Dragons and Mythical Beasts

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COVID-19 Policies

ASM Richmond is committed to the health and safety of our patrons, guests, artists, performers, crew, and staff and we will continue to follow the latest health guidance and protocols. In light of the changing conditions with COVID-19 and the Delta variant, we are working closely with all of our promoters to ensure the health and safety of our patrons, staff, and guests. 

Currently, Altria Theater is operating at 100% capacity and is strongly encouraging all patrons, whether vaccinated or not, to mask while at the venue. We do not have a vaccination or negative test requirement in place as a venue, although promoters of our upcoming shows are considering multiple options, including the possibility of masks, vaccines, and COVID-19 tests. 

At this time, this show does not have any additional requirements in place for patrons outside of the standing venue policies. If there are any changes to the requirements prior to the show, patrons will be notified by email and the event page on the venue website will be updated.

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Age Recommendation

This performance is recommended for ages 3+

Meet The Beasts


A diamond from a heart of stone”


Type of creature: Stone Troll

Strength: Almost totally indestructible!

Weakness: Moves very slowly in daylight.

NOTE: Usually found across Northern Europe, buried deep underground.




“A tooth, from a mouth of smoke and fire”


Type of creature: Dragon 

Strength: Powerful claws, wings and teeth. Can also breathe fire. 

Weakness: All dragons share a great weakness to the mighty sword –DRAGONSBANE!

NOTE: Juno has 36 teeth, all of them containing deadly venom. Very, very, very big teeth! 




“A healing horn of magic grown”


Type of creature: Unicorn 

Strength: Unicorn horns have very powerful healing properties. (They also have glittery poo!)

Weakness: Loud noises - Unicorns can get scared easily.

NOTE: Unicorns are born completely gold and turn silver as they age!




“A treasure taken from claw and beak”


Type of creature: Griffin

Strength: Sharp claws and a strong beak. 

Weakness: Easily distracted - especially by gold, but anything shiny will do.

NOTE In the wild, Griffins build giant nests of gold where they lay their eggs. And, where does he keep finding that rubbish bin?!




“A dream-eater’s dream, after a meal”


Type of creature: Baku

Strength: Takes away nightmares.

Weakness: Might accidentally take all your dreams away - good and bad!

NOTE: Stopping trying to cuddle the Baku, Dave! Remember rule number three!




“A fairy’s gold, bought with a deal”


Type of creature: Tooth Fairy 

Strength: Surprisingly strong for their size, and very, very quick.

Weakness: Can be quite temperamental, and easily upset by neglected teeth. 

NOTE: Fairies use teeth to build their nests - the stronger the better! Must remember to floss.




Type of creature: Wyvern

Strength: Powerful jaws and legs! Also very intelligent.

Weakness: George is young so he hasn’t got any teeth…yet.

NOTE: George seems very fond of Aerwyn. Are they friends…?




The Indrik is a very powerful and mysterious creature. Not much is known about them - but they are said to appear when an act of true heroism is performed.