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Originally opened in 1927 as a Shriner auditorium, the Altria Theater has recently undergone major renovations to return it to the showpiece it once was. Minaret-like structures flank the centrally pointed arch entryway. The Grand Ballroom and VIP Lounges, along with various lobbies, lounges and window niches, feature arabesque or geometric tile work in rich Middle Eastern colors. The overall effect is one of luxury and romanticism, the perfect place for your next private event.


Create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for guests by hosting your own event in the iconic Auditorium, either on stage or in the theater. The 3,600-seat space is complete with plush seating accommodations, restored architecture, and excellent acoustics.


  • Auditorium Stage Seated: 140
  • Auditorium Theater Chairs Seated: 3,600

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom is a step back in time to the luxurious majesty of the original Altria Theater, yet can be customized to fit any event theme. The largest of event spaces at the Altria Theater, the Grand Ballroom is lavishly decorated with sweeping columns and ornamentation to create a majestic setting for your event.


  • Grand Ballroom Seated: 800
  • Grand Ballroom Standing Room: 1400

Lobbies, Lounges, and Mixed Use Spaces

Conveniently located on each floor sit breathtaking lobbies, lounges, parlors, and mixed use spaces available for you to gather your closest group of friends or coworkers. These spaces will awe your guests at conventions, corporate gatherings, and private functions.

Capacity Varies

Monroe Park

Overlooking the picturesque facade of the Altria Theater, Monroe Park allows for hosting outdoor, large-scale events and gatherings with the convenience of the Altria’s production, food and beverage, and general infrastructure in place. This wide, open park space is the perfect setting for your next corporate fundraiser, picnic, or large gathering.

Please note this space is located in front of Altria Theater and is managed by the ASM Richmond Staff for rentals and bookings.


  • Monroe Park Seated: 600
  • Monroe Park Standing Room: 1,000