Catering by SAVOR...Richmond 

SAVOR... Catering and Hospitality for Private Events

savor.jpgSince 1983, SAVOR..., the food service division of ASM Global, has been providing food and beverage services to a wide range of public facilities across the United States and in Europe and Mexico. Key to our operating philosophy is to consider each venue individually, remaining flexible to specific needs and responsive to regional preferences. The ongoing excellence of our food and beverage services heightens our patrons’ enjoyment of an event.

SAVOR..., the in-house caterer for the Altria Theater, offers a broad menu of catering services tailored specifically for the needs of each facility and the types of events and crowds each attracts. We have extensive experience catering every type of occasion, from cocktail receptions and buffets to the concert-going crowd and large sit-down dinners. With the final renovations at Altria Theater complete, we are able to accommodate full-service catering from our new state-of-the-art kitchen.

Catering services offered by SAVOR... span the full spectrum of public catering needs. In practice and policy, we are team-focused, committed to working as a partner with our clients in creating a world-class food and beverage experience for their users and elevating the facility’s reputation as a premier business and entertainment destination. You can consult with our SAVOR... chefs to customize the perfect menu, including a wide selection of refreshments, luncheons, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, accompaniments and beverage service. We will help with everything from setup, to entertainment and decor.

Relax. Your event will be executed seamlessly.

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