Theater Renovation - Phase II, 2013

Information For Patrons about Phase II Renovations

10/15/13 UPDATES: We are in the final push of Phase II getting ready for the first show on October 19th. The new restrooms are completed with only minor touch-up and cleaning to be done. The new stage floor has been completed along with the new battens for the rigging system. The 3rd floor parlors are nearly complete with only wall base and cover plates left to install. The level 1 ambulatory corridor venetian plaster is completed with new curtains being installed this week. In the auditorium the new seats have begun installation, the final wall painting is being wrapped up, and the new bronze handrails have been installed. The grand stair has been re-painted and the terrazzo is in the process of being refinished. All new electrical and mechanical systems have been completed and are going through their final checks over the next week and a half.

9/4/13 UPDATES: The 3rd floor and basement restrooms have completed ceramic tile installation and have started finished painting. New plumbing fixtures have been installed on both the 3rd floor and basement. The 2nd floor and 1st floor restrooms are nearly complete with ceramic tile and will begin installing new plumbing fixtures next week.

The new stage floor system has started installation. Based on existing conditions discovered when the forestage end was removed, there have been some modifications to the new floor systems in this area. While this has added approximately one week to the schedule for this activity, it is not impacting the critical path.

The auditorium floor has been caught up with all sections of the new floor poured. The floor requires final top coat and grinding, which will be completed this week ahead of painting at the end of September

Permanent power for both the 480V and 208V services was completed on August 30th. Completion of permanent power is a major project milestone and allows us to proceed with starting up new mechanical units

The mechanical contractor is in the process of starting up equipment and beginning to put conditioned air into the building. We expect the process to take two weeks for initial set up and running and will require balancing work right up to the completion date.

8/7/13 & 8/8/13 UPDATES: The most recent photos from the Altria renovations shows the progress of tiling the 3rd floor wall.

7/31/13 UPDATE: The most recent photo shows the Altria Theater Auditorium with the main stage floor removed, new side boxes and orchestra-level floor ready to be poured over the build materials.

6/27/13 UPDATE: With the end of June here this week, we are making great progress on roughing in new systems throughout the building. The restrooms on basement, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors have been framed and the majority of the new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing has been installed. In a few weeks we will begin closing in the walls and starting to install sheetrock and ceilings in these new spaces.

In the basement, the excavation crews have saw cut the floor and excavated for the new passenger elevator pits. We have also completed the demolition on the upper floors so the elevator shaft layout could be completed up to the top level. The new helical piers are being installed now, with new pit concrete scheduled in a few weeks.

In the sub-basement we have installed the new underground plumbing and new equipment housekeeping pads. The large air handler ductwork has been installed with the large mechanical piping beginning to follow behind. Several pieces of major equipment are scheduled to install over the next few weeks.

In the auditorium we have completed the concrete pours at the new sidebox seating locations and have begun layout for the new orchestra floor overbuild.

6/3/13 UPDATE: After three weeks of heavy activity, we have completed the demolition of the sub-basement mechanical room, the 2nd floor through 4th floor restrooms, and the new orchestra level corridor openings. Along with the demolition, we have started framing and rough-in of the new restrooms on the 3rd floor and begun running conduits for new power distribution throughout the building. The mason has completed new CMU walls in the sub-basement for the new electrical rooms and is currently working on the new CMU walls at the ground floor mechanical room.

5/20/13: The first week of Phase II renovations are off to a fast start. We have completed the power and mechanical system shutdowns and begun removing major equipment from the sub-basement mechanical room. The 3rd and 4th floors have been demolished down to the building structure and are ready for new MEP rough-in work to begin. The 2nd floor restrooms are in the process of being demolished and are looking to complete ahead of schedule. The most noticeable change is in the auditorium where all of the orchestra level seats have been removed and are now in transit to the seat restoration company’s facility. Next week will continue with additional demolition and the start of installation of some new systems.

Exterior work on the Altria Theater facade has been completed, inspected and approved, and the scaffolding will be coming down shortly.