Altria Theater Food & Beverage

Overview Information

Our food and beverage offerings at the Altria Theater include snacks, soda, water, beer and wine. Our refreshment areas are now located on every level.

Savor Catering Information

SAVOR... Richmond, the inhouse caterer for the Altria Theater, offers a broad menu of catering services tailored specifically for the needs of each facility and the types of events and crowds each attracts. We have extensive experience catering every type of occasion, from cocktail receptions and buffets to the concert-going crowd and large sit-down dinners.

Catering services offered by SAVOR... Richmond span the full spectrum of public catering needs. In practice and policy, we are team-focused, committed to working as a partner with our clients in creating a world-class food and beverage experience for their users and elevating the facility’s reputation as a premier business and entertainment destination.

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