Altria Theater Food & Beverage

Event Concessions

Our standard food and beverage offerings during ticketed events at the Altria Theater include snacks (local Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn, M&Ms, Reese, Sour Patch Kids), soda (Pepsi products), bottled water, beer (Heineken, Bud Light, Hardywood Cream Ale, Devils Backbone Lager) and wine (14 Hands pinot grigio, cabernet, chardonnay and Hot to Trot Red). You will find our refreshment areas located on every level of the theater. Below are a few special places to check out on your next visit!

  • Ballroom Bar: Located one level down from the main entrance, this bar provides our standard offerings of snacks, soda, water, beer and wine, along with a full bar. It is adjacent to the Coat Room and restrooms for both men and women.
  • 1927 Cafe: Generally opening 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the building during events, visit 1927 Cafe on Main Street adjacent to the Box Office Lobby. You will find a broad range of coffee drinks, tea and fruit smoothies, along with a nice selection of baked goods, wraps, salads and sides. Beer and wine are also available. Limited seating is available, or you can take your food and drink purchases into the theater with you.
  • Parsons & Farrell Lounges: Visit these lounges on either side of the Rear Orchestra Lobby (one level up). Like the Ballroom Bar, you will find our regular offerings along with a full bar. Comfortable seating and high-top tables make this a delightful place to await the start of a show.
  • Subscriber Lounge: We are happy to open this private lounge on Level 1 (one level up) to the general public during most events. You will find comfortable seating and private restrooms along with our regular offerings and a full bar. You may also find specialty food and drink options here.
  • Specialty Drink Bar: This new addition can be found in the Rear Orchestra Lobby (one level up). Swing by before the show or at intermission for a specialty drink (perhaps themed to match the event!) and a food pairing.
  • North & South Balcony Parlors: Additional comfortable seating can be found in the lounges on the Balcony Level (Level 3), with access to restrooms and our regular food and beverage offerings plus a full bar.

When you arrive, be sure to ask our usher staff about drink specials that are specific to each show!

Savor Catering for Private Events

SAVOR... Richmond, the in-house caterer for the Altria Theater, offers a broad menu of catering services tailored specifically for the needs of each facility and the types of events and crowds each attracts. We have extensive experience catering every type of occasion, from cocktail receptions and buffets to the concert-going crowd and large sit-down dinners.

Catering services offered by SAVOR... Richmond span the full spectrum of public catering needs. In practice and policy, we are team-focused, committed to working as a partner with our clients in creating a world-class food and beverage experience for their users and elevating the facility’s reputation as a premier business and entertainment destination.

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