Group Tickets

Every year, the Altria Theater plays host to some of the world’s most exciting shows. Why not experience all this fun with 10, 15, 20 or 50 of your closest friends?

The Altria Theater Patron Services Department is here to ensure that your group will receive the best in customer service, convenience and efficiency. We’ll handle all the details for your group, from reservations and ticketing to special seating and pre-event parties. We will customize your group outing to ensure a memorable, fun-filled show experience for all.

What qualifies as a group? Generally about 10-20 people (minimum differs by event). A group can be anyone – employees, business associates, nonprofit organizations, schools, daycare centers, youth groups, Girl and Boy Scout troops, churches, military groups, senior citizen organizations, clubs or just a large gathering of family or friends.

We provide preferred seating for your entire group which enables everyone to sit together. We offer discounted ticket prices while avoiding additional ticketing service charges and fees (excluding a one-time $6 processing fee). We’ll alert you in advance of an upcoming event or send pre-sale purchase information. Best of all, there’s no waiting in line in person, on the phone or on the internet. We offer one-on-one communication and once we receive your order and payment, tickets are sent directly to you. And don’t forget, we occasionally offer group incentives such as free tickets, consignment tickets and food & beverage and hospitality options.