Theater Renovation

Information For Patrons about Phase III Renovations

10/16/14: As we approach the reopening of Altria Theater on November 2 with a performance by Ray LaMontagne, we start to see how beautiful the theater is going to be, and how some of the renovations will make the theater experience better for all our patrons. Inside and out, the past few weeks have been a flurry of activity as we approach November. The new Main Street marquee is now up and the floors to the new Box Office lobby at that entrance have been installed. New carpet lines the lobby staircases and the lounges on level 2 are being transformed into lovely places to enjoy a beverage before a show or during intermission. New poster boxes and digital display cases are being added to the exterior as well as interior lobbies, and late-arriving patrons will now be able to see what's happing inside the theater from monitors on each level. We look forward to sharing all these renovations with you at our upcoming performances!

8/1/14: Throughout July, renovations continued to all areas of the Altria Theater. Sidewalks in front of the building along Laurel Street have been replaced, using a sealant to prevent rain water from seeping into the lower levels. A permanent bar/concession stand has been added to the Ballroom, in addition to much work in the Ballroom to bring the beautiful columns back to life. The new marquee framework is now in place on Main Street over the new side entrance to the Altria Theater. This brings customers and patrons directly into the lobby of the new interior Box Office--no more standing in the rain/wind/snow to purchase tickets! Along with all the restrooms from the previous phase of renovations, this will be a HUGE perk to our patrons. We can't wait to unveil it in November!

6/30/14: The final phase of renovations to Altria Theater has been moving swiftly along since the venue closed after performances of WICKED in early May. As the photos above show, crews have removed the seats from the Balcony, as well as the Grand Tier, and are working on the floors while the seats are being refurbished. We are also renovating the First Floor parlor (adjacent to the Rear Orchestra Lobby), as well as the Third Floor parlor, creating new and inviting lounges and reception rooms.

Check back for more updates. The Altria Theater will be reopening in November, looking better than ever!


Information For Contractors

100% Bid Documents for the Altria Renovation access:
Username: landmark
Password: landmark5290


Altria AV Documents:
Username: ftprichmond
Password: Richmond

Click on the ‘Landmark’ folder and then 'AV Documents' folder for the files. We recommend the use of Windows Explorer to open, not Internet Explorer.