Education at the Heart of CenterStage

Education is part of Richmond’s value system and has always been a part of the CenterStage mission. As a community, we are dedicated to our families and to the development of the next generation. The Genworth BrightLights Education Center is an exciting way for us to give our children something extraordinary, something few communities are able to offer.

The Extraordinary Experience for Our Children

To us, “To see, participate in and learn through” are the principles guiding our educational experience. Students K-12 will have opportunities to see, participate in, and learn through the performing arts – learning both about art and other disciplines. By participating, students of all backgrounds and abilities will be educated, awakened, enlightened, challenged, and entertained through the power of the performing arts.

Located at Dorothy Pauley Square

The Genworth BrightLights Education Center is on the third floor of Dorothy Pauley Square. This space includes classrooms, teaching spaces, and offices.

However, Genworth BrightLights is not contained solely in this space, but will take on life all around the city and surrounding counties, through the school systems, both public and private.

In Partnership with Schools and Arts Group

Genworth BrightLights collaborates with existing arts education programs, creating genuine partnerships that benefit everyone – the schools, the arts programs, and most importantly, the children.

For further information or to get involved, please contact: or call 804-327-5755.