Accessibility Information

The Altria Theater is dedicated to providing all of our patrons with a pleasurable experience and a comfortable environment. The following information should provide you with answers to questions you may have upon visiting our theater.

Where can I purchase disabled tickets?

-Disabled seating is available by request at the Altria Theater Box Office, by phone at 804-592-3384, online at by filling out a special request form for Accessible Tickets. Please indicate when buying tickets if you require accessible seating.

How many tickets may I purchase?

Seating for persons with disabilities is limited, therefore only one additional ticket is allowed for an attendant within the same section. If other tickets are needed, they will be placed as close as possible to the disabled section.

When can I purchase disabled seating?

Disabled Seating is available on the first day of public on sale.

Where should I enter the building?

The main theater entrance is on Laurel Street near the intersection of Main Street, under the marquee.

If you need further assistance, please call our box office at 804-592-3384, Monday-Friday 10:00am -5:00pm.